Audiomachine sponsors The Future is Female: A Concert for Women in Film

Audiomachine teamed up with FIF Concerts and Events to present The Future is Female: A Concert for Women in Film on May 7 at the New Roads School’s Moss Theater. The event featured female composers conducting their original score and was performed by the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra.

The show set out to shed a light on the many talented female composers in the film, TV, and video game industries. These women often find themselves overlooked in a male dominated space, and FIF gave them a unique and center-stage platform to showcase their accomplishments.

The ten up-and-coming composers conducted original scores for a sold out theatre, showcasing a wide variety of skills that invoked nostalgia, adventure, excitement, and everything in between. Jessica Rae Huber conducted her piece ‘Life and Dying: a Particular Account,’ an emotional number inspired by giving birth to her son, while Nami Melumad shared ‘New Zealand’s Guide to Tessering,’ inspired by A Wrinkle in Time.

The event was put on by FIF Concerts and Events, Inc., a nonprofit founded by Tori Letzler, an accomplished composer and vocalist in her own right. She performed her piece ‘Cease to Exist,’ a take on a gothic horror suite, just after the show’s intermission.

Audiomachine is proud to have been a sponsor of this great night showcasing female talent in the film industry.

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