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Avengers: Infinity War Redshift Custom
Avengers Infinity War

The theatrical trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is finally here, and well worth the wait! We’re thrilled to have a customized version of “Redshift” from our brand new album VOLTURNUS featured throughout!

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Robin Hood Dark Crusaders
Robin Hood

Robin Hood, the legendary thief, is back in this thrilling, action-packed remake! Our track “Dark Crusaders” from WORLDS OF WONDER plays throughout the backend of the official trailer! Are you ready to join his revolt?

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Christopher Robin "Brilliantine" & "Remember Not to Forget"
Christopher Robin
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Venom Redshift

Our track “Redshift” from our brand new album VOLTURNUS plays throughout the entire trailer for this badass Marvel character!

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Assassin's Creed: Origins "All or Nothing" "Fight or Flight"
Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Two Audiomachine songs play in this trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed game! The trailer begins with “Fight or Flight” from our industry release INTROS and then finishes off with “All or Nothing” from our commercial release MAGNUS!

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