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Google A Cut Above

In this riveting advertisement, our dynamic track “A Cut Above” from our industry release QUARTETRA resonates with the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurial ambition, underscoring Google’s unwavering commitment to protecting and empowering small businesses, ensuring their success amidst a dynamic and ever-changing digital landscape.

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BMW Un Sospiro

Our track “Un Sospiro” from the commercial release REIMAGINED is featured in this campaign for BMW’s sedan collection

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Unseen Ocean The Dreammaker
Unseen Ocean

“The Dreammaker” from our commercial album LIFE assists in Volvo’s beautiful ad telling the true story of a London teacher who helps his students fall in love with the ocean. Sometimes it takes one moment or one person to open our eyes and hearts to a world that was previously unknown.

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Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup 2018 Custom
FIFA World Cup 2018

The World Cup is here! Get pumped with this commercial featuring a custom composition from composer Stuart Roslyn!

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Samsung Hard and Fast
Where’s the Art?

A reworked version of our track “Hard and Fast” from our industry release CHROME OVER BRASS appears in this advertisement for Samsung’s The Frame TV

Adidas Predator Instinct
Nike The Last Game
Porsche Porsche Wins the FIA WEC 2016
Flonase Sensimist
Dairylea Feed the Fun
Rimi Julefilm
Ryder Fleet Maintainence
Aquafresh Introducing Captain Aquafresh
Nivea Men Alles Zusammen