Audiomachine collaborates with Create Now

We’re excited to share about our work with Create Now, a non-profit organization that helps youth find their voice through arts mentoring and education.

Founded in 1996, Create Now has spent the last decade serving children ages two to twenty-one with programs focused in writing, visual arts, music, performing arts, fashion, and digital media. Often times, these kids have been abused, neglected, homeless, incarcerated, and/or dealing with formidable challenges, and this organization serves as a way to help them learn to communicate in a positive manner, while providing them with adult mentors and role models.

We were inspired by Create Now’s impactful work and commitment to the children and young adults they work with. With our in-house music and composition capabilities, it felt like a perfect marriage of our expertise and the non-profit’s needs to help provide classes, structure, education, as well as equipment and recording space. We’ll be teaching children how to record, mix, edit, and compose music in a real studio, so as they hone their skills in music they can do so in a professional space that lends credibility to the hard work they are putting in.

There will be much more to share in future from the Create Now team. Read more on their organization here.